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Covid -19 Information

PIHL Covid -19 Safety Policy and Guidelines





The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has presented youth sports organizations with countless challenges.  As the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League (“PIHL”) returns to competition, it intends through this Safety Policy to provide a framework under which teams can return to gameplay as safely as possible.  While it is not possible to eliminate all risk of contagion of COVID-19, there are steps youth sport organizations can take to reduce the risk to players, coaches, their families and the general public.  To minimize the risk, the PIHL requires all Member Associations to undertake and abide by the laws, precautions, recommendations and guidance set forth below.


Each Member Association is required to undertake and abide by the laws, precautions, recommendations and guidance that has been provided by federal, state and local governments, the CDC, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, USA Hockey, Inc. and Mid American Hockey Association Inc. (hereinafter “Mid Am”).

Each Member Association shall:  (i) undertake and comply with all applicable federal, state and local governmental laws, recommendations and guidelines related to or associated with the COVID-19 pandemic; and (ii) undertake and comply with any and all guidelines, recommendations, rules and procedures implemented by USA Hockey, Inc., Mid Am, the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, the PIHL, the applicable school district (both home and away), and the applicable rink (both home and away), related to the COVID-19 pandemic or otherwise.


Please note these links are provided as general starting points for information and are not intended to be representative of all laws, precautions, recommendations and guidance currently in effect.

It is each Member Association’s responsibility to contact any rink at which their respective team may play to determine the rink’s policies and procedures with respect to attendance, mask policy, social distancing, pre-game preparation and game play.  A summary of some rinks’ COVID-19 Policies can be found on the PIHL website at the following link:  Please review the information on the PIHL website with respect to rink COVID-19 policies and procedures and call the rink prior to attendance at any game to confirm current policies and procedures.  If a rink’s COVID-19 policies and procedures are not available on the PIHL’s website, please check the rink’s website and contact the rink for current policies and procedures.

With respect to attendance at PIHL sanctioned games, it is the PIHL’s strong recommendation only one (1) parent or guardian of a player attend any scheduled game.  The PIHL joins in the strong recommendation of Mid Am to show restraint in attendance at games to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  In the event any rink has a more restrictive policy with respect to fan attendance at PIHL games (e.g., no parents, guardians or spectators may attend), the rink’s policy must be followed.

Each Member Associations shall also:  (i) monitor and disseminate within its organization any changes in the above-referenced laws, precautions, recommendations and guidance related to COVID-19, to ensure compliance within the organization by its board, coaching staff, players, parents, spectators and invitees; and, (ii) monitor that these guidelines, rules and procedures are followed during all PIHL sanctioned events to ensure the safety of the players, coaches, their families and the general public.

In the event of a conflict between any rink, school district or organization’s policy and a lawful federal, state or local governmental law, order, policy or procedure, the lawful federal, state or local governmental law, order, policy or procedure must be strictly followed, including mask policies and social distancing requirements.


The PIHL has designated the following individual as its Pandemic Safety Officer:

Name:                                     Dawn Lecker, PIHL Secretary   

Contact Information:


The Pandemic Safety Officer is the point person for all information, reporting or questions related to COVID-19 safety, policies, procedures, or issues within the PIHL.  If any Member Association is experiencing a COVID-19 related issue, they are required to contact the PSO immediately.

This Safety Policy and the guidelines set forth herein are subject to change and may be updated as more information becomes available or as further laws, orders, policies or procedures are issued by the authorities referenced herein.